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The Extraordinary Universe of Leonardo da Vinci
 08.Mar.2023 a 28.Mai.2023
 Tue. to Fri - 8am to 5pm / Sat. and Sun. - 10am to 6pm
 Cidade da Inovação do IFES

“The Extraordinary Universe of Leonardo Da Vinci” is the 51st exhibition promoted by the Vale Museum, exploring the life and work of one of humanity’s greatest geniuses. A realization of Vale Museum/Instituto Cultural Vale, sponsored by Vale through the Federal Cultural Incentive Law, the exhibition will take place in one of the warehouses of the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo (IFES) in Jardim da Penha, Vitória. Covering approximately one thousand square meters and featuring nine exhibition areas, the display will be open to the public on March 8, with free admission.

Taking a journey through Da Vinci’s inventions, experiments, and artistic creations, visitors will have the opportunity to get up close with a portion of the artist’s legacy and creative process through technological resources, audiovisual environments, replicas, objects, and panels. The exhibition explores where Leonardo lived, whom he interacted with, how he built his career, the mysteries and stories surrounding his works, such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. All of this can be experienced and understood as visitors traverse the exhibition, taking them on a journey through the restless mind of the man who laid the foundations for some of the most remarkable inventions of modern society, such as the automobile and the submarine, and who painted one of the world’s most recognized works of art, the Mona Lisa.

During the exhibition’s construction process, the assembly professionals received assistance from 10 young individuals from communities in the Metropolitan Region of Greater Vitória, selected through the Apprentice Program. This initiative, in existence since 2005, provides a theoretical/practical training course related to the assembly of exhibitions in spaces such as galleries and museums. With initiatives like this, the Vale Museum aims to contribute effectively and emotionally to the formation of good citizenship.

The exhibition “The Extraordinary Universe of Leonardo Da Vinci” is one of the off-site actions that the Vale Museum has begun to develop after the closure of its headquarters in Vila Velha. The decision is part of Vale’s safety and prevention policy, taking into account the growing expansion and increase in industrial and port activities in the region, which are incompatible with the operation of an educational and cultural facility.