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About the Museum

Over the course of its 25 years, Museu Vale has become a cultural reference with the promotion of contemporary art exhibitions featuring both Brazilian and international artists, in addition to showcasing the artistic production of the State of Espírito Santo. Its primary focus is on audience development through the activities that it carries out in the Greater Vitória Region, fostering dialogues that bring together ART, CULTURE and EDUCATION. Since its opening on October 15, 1998, the institution has held over 50 major art exhitions, as well as seminars, courses, and other educational and formative activities. Along this journey, Museu Vale has welcomed more than two million visitors, of which 500 thousand were students. 

Vale Cultural Institute

Vale Cultural Institute was created in 2020 with the purpose of enhancing Vale’s involvement in cultural initiatives. The Institute serves as a tool for fostering the various artistic expressions that make up the DNA of Brazilian culture. It aims to democratize access to culture and value our cultural heritage.

Its activities are directly linked to the belief that culture is a meaningful tool for social transformation, capable of creating positive impact on people’s lives and contributing to the legacy of future generations. In addition to Museu Vale, the Vale Cultural Institute is responsible for managing Minas Gerais Vale Memorial (Belo Horizonte – MG), Vale Maranhão Cultural Center (São Luis – MA), and Canaã dos Carajás Culture House (PA). All of these are cultural assets with their own identities and purposes, designed for and with the communities of the regions they belong to.


Museu Vale


Claudia Afonso

Cultural Consulting

Ronaldo Barbosa

Administrative and Financial Coordination

Noyla Nakibar

Administrative and Financial Assistance

Bruno Mota and Fagner Chaves


Diester Fernandes

Production Assistance

André Leão

Educational Program Coordination

Hellen Lugon


Carla Santos; Helton Gomes; Jonathan Schmidel; Rafaela Ribeiro and Weverson Tertuliano

Vale Cultural Institute

Strategic Council


Malu Paiva

Vice President

Flávia Constant

Hugo Barreto
Octavio Bulcão

Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer

Hugo Barreto

Luciana Gondim
Gisela Rosa

Memory Center

With a catalogue comprising over 20 thousand items, the Memory Center stands as a significant source of documentation and knowledge regarding the history of the Vitória to Minas Rairoad (EFVM), and the history of Vale itself. From handwritten log books to maps, photographs, and films, the Memory Center serves as a journey through the tracks of history.

Part of the collection will soon be available for public access, serving as research material for scholars working on various projects related to the subject. In addition to the items related to the railway history, the collection of publications also includes an extensive contemporary art catalogue.

For further information and booking, please send an email to: