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Museu Vale Extramuros – De onde surgem os sonhos suitcase
The suitcase was developed based on the “Dream Origins” exhibition and contains materials that enable different activities and approaches related…
Museu Vale Extramuros –  Carnaval 
The Educational program invites the public to a conversation about cultural expressions from the north to the south of the…
Museu Vale Extramuros – Catalog Launch + Discussion of the Exhibition Where Dreams Come From | Andrea and José Olympio Pereira Collection
Launch of the catalog for the exhibition Where Dreams Come From | Andrea and José Olympio Pereira Collection with the…
Launch of the Museu Vale Podcast
Our podcast is live! In this channel, we bring a portion of Museu Vale's programming specially created for our listeners.
Museu Vale Extramuros – Light, Camera, Light Painting Workshop
The light painting workshop, stemming from the exhibition workshop “The Brazil that deserves Brazil” by Walter Firmo in 2019, recalls…
Museu Vale Extramuros – Dream-Landscape Holiday Workshop
Exhibition Where Dreams Come From | Andrea and José Olympio Pereira Collection Addressing themes such as collecting, Brazilian contemporary art,…
Where dreams come from – Andrea and José Olympio Pereira collection
Rediscovering dreams, relearning to dream Where Dreams Come From. This is the name of Vale Museum’s new exhibition, which Vale…
Memories of the Future – A Glimpse into the Collection of the Brazilian Historical and Geographic Institute
Memories of the Future is an initiative of the Cultural Institute Vale / Vale Museum (Instituto Cultural Vale / Museu…
The Extraordinary Universe of Leonardo da Vinci
“The Extraordinary Universe of Leonardo Da Vinci” is the 51st exhibition promoted by the Vale Museum, exploring the life and…
The Brazil that Deserves Brazil – Walter Firmo
The strength and resilience of the culture of diverse African peoples who were brought to the Americas is remarkable, perhaps…
Exhibition 20/20
When we began organizing this exhibition, we decided to spend five months, from March to July 2018, seeking to understand…
Penumbra – Angelo Venosa
The restlessness of Angelo Venosa’s sculptures celebrates the 20 years of Vale Museum Bold angles, twisted solids, and infinite combinations…
Vik Muniz – Panorama of the Artist’s Work in 100 Works
One hundred works by the artist, including photos of images made with scrap, soil, diamonds, and even food, will be…
Atlântica Moderna: Purus and Blacks – Ana Maria Tavares
In her installations and works spanning various media and languages, artist Ana Maria Tavares has been examining the most iconic…
Água Viva, Shirley Paes Leme
The Vale Foundation, through the Vale Museum, presents the exhibition “Água Viva” by Shirley Paes Leme. An artist from Minas…
Fermata, OsGemeos
When we speak about what is close, we touch the minds and hearts of people. The Vale Foundation is pleased…
Anticorpos, Campana Brothers
“Anticorpos (antibodies)” focuses on the body of work by the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana – encompassing visual arts, furniture…
Amazon, the Art
In the International Year of Biodiversity, the Vale Foundation, through the Vale Museum, presents the exhibition “Amazon, the Art”. A…